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How to Make Protein Pudding

When beginning a nutrition program, it can be overwhelming to fit 4-6 meals/snacks in a day. Keep in mind, a "meal" doesn't mean you have to sit down at the table to eat a plate of food. It means fueling your body with the proper nutrients.

A good protein powder, like Beverly International's Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP), has been an essential part of my nutrition program for over 20 years. Sometimes I use a shaker bottle to mix up a quick shake on the go. Often, especially at night, I make a delicious protein pudding. It's a quick and easy meal that's packed with the highest quality protein and curbs my sweet tooth too, making me feel like I'm eating dessert.

Protein pudding is simple to make. Pick your favorite flavor, add it to a bowl, slowly add cold water and mix until well combined. Enjoy as is or incorporate your favorite, plan approved add ins. Place this graphic on your fridge to remind you how quick and easy it is to prepare a delicious, sweet protein "meal".

Rachel Wade

Founder/Fitness Coach

Focused Fitness

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