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Hello Friends!  I’m Rachel Wade, a leading expert in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.  My passion for helping people be their best in health, fitness, and in life led me to create Focused Fitness.  We offer 6 week, online group and 1-on-1 fitness coaching programs, as well as group fitness boot camps.  Through education, encouragement, accountability and community, you’ll be leaner, stronger, healthier and more confident than you’ve ever been - and you’ll have fun doing it!


Focused Fitness is for:

  • Those who want to STOP DIETING and desire a maintainable fitness lifestyle 

  • Those excited about fitness who enjoy training and want to take their program to the next level

  • Experienced fitness individuals looking for renewed motivation or a new challenge 

  • Sport specific athletes training for a competition, race or event.


We partner with you to eliminate guesswork, clear up confusion and provide practical solutions to achieve permanent results.  We help you focus all of your efforts on what works and avoid what doesn’t.  We don’t promote quick-fix, fad diets or “theories” that often backfire making you look and feel worse than when you started.  We use time-tested, real-world proven methods including whole food centered nutrition plans and goal targeted training programs for either home or gym training.  We motivate, challenge and encourage you to make long-term physical and mental change to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle you will enjoy.  Our Private Focused Fitness Community Group also provides you with a community of like-minded people to share experiences with along the way, because we believe that, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17)



Healthy eating is an important part of any fitness journey.  80% of our fitness results come from what we eat.  No matter how hard we work out, we can't out train bad nutrition. 

Your personalized 6 week Focused Fitness nutrition program will eliminate confusion and guesswork.  It will guide you to the proper foods in the right combination to lose fat, tone up, get stronger and create a healthy lifestyle you will enjoy.  No quick-fix, fad diets here!  We provide time-tested methods, proven through years of research to produce results in people of all ages, body types and genetics.  You'll transform your body and mind and get the results you've always wanted.



Improving nutrition alone can help us lose weight, but it takes quality nutrition, training and cardio to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength and improve performance at the same time.  Adding training and cardio to your program will create the complete fit and

healthy body you want.


Your Focused Fitness training program will be targeted to your goals, training experience and fitness level.  It will be personalized to the way you train, around home, gym or outdoor equipment and exercises.  You'll learn to gradually increase your workload for continuous  progression.  You'll have more energy while becoming leaner, stronger, happier and more confident.




Accountability can be the biggest difference between success or failure in reaching goals.  Without someone monitoring our progress, we may not commit in a way that produces the greatest results.


Focused Fitness will:

  1. Believe in you

  2. Help you set realistic goals

  3. Provide a proven plan for success

  4. Challenge and motivate you

  5. Track your progress

  6. Provide continuous education

  7. Keep you honest and in check!


You will also join a team of like-minded, encouraging people in the private 

Focused Fitness Community Group.

Plans & Pricing

start your 6 week program today!

3 Programs Now Available 

Get fitter, stronger, happier and more confident with one of our 6 week Focused Fitness (FF) Coaching Programs.  Train YOUR way for YOUR goals.  Choose the program that best fits your needs.  




All Focused Fitness programs run for 6 week cycles and offer expert level, goal targeted plans, information and education with optional access to a supportive, private peer community.  The 6 Wk Nutrition and 6 Wk Nutrition & Training programs are perfect for those who desire results, accountability, inspiration and support, but don't need consistent private contact directly with Rachel.  You'll be fitter, healthier, better educated and more confident, but with a lower financial investment by choosing one of the first two programs.

1-ON-1 coaching runs for 6 week cycles and includes all of the benefits above, with the addition of individualized instruction, nutrition and training plan updates as needed and private, personal contact directly with Rachel .  1-ON-1 coaching is ideal for advanced athletes, those preparing for a race, competition or event or for anyone desiring a higher level of individualized information, accountability and contact.

GROUP FITNESS BOOT CAMPSFollow the Focused Fitness Facebook Page and check Events for schedules and information or email Rachel at for more information.

Solutions.  Accountability.  Community.  Confidence.  Results.  

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17) 

We weren't designed to go it alone, but to live in and support one another through community.  Feeling encouraged and supported in your personal fitness journey is important.  The Focused Fitness Community Group (FFCG) is the perfect place to find your fitness community. 


Here you will connect with Rachel and other like-minded, Focused Fitness clients who are committed to health and fitness just like you.  The FFCG is a safe and uplifting place to share your goals, ask questions, share your victories and frustrations and to inspire and encourage each other to be your best.  Through these positive peer connections, you'll gain the knowledge, support, confidence and courage you need to reach your fitness goals like never before.  You'll be held accountable, hold others accountable and take part in fun, motivating challenges that keep you on track towards your goals.  You'll do life together and become an awesome fitness family.  

The FFCG page is a private source of extra support and encouragement throughout your fitness journey.  Join one of our 6-week programs today and together we will make your health and fitness goals a reality.



Kerry Tighe, Colorado springs, CO

As a former client of Rachel's from my competitive days in my 20s, I am thrilled she is back in the fitness arena as I prepare to take on regaining my physique in my 40s. I worked with Rachel 1-on-1 through 5 figure competitions, winning the Northern KY, qualifying for Jr USA's and winning an international competition overseas. These accomplishments were not possible without Rachel's targeted nutrition/supplement plans, dialed in training and a listing ear as a friend who helps keep you accountable, healthy and grounded while attaining your goals. I am pumped to get back at it with Rachel in 2020!! 

Tara Addington, Lexington, KY

Rachel has been my fitness coach for 14 years.  She helped me prepare for four figure competitions, placing 4th or higher in each.  She patiently answered every silly question without making me feel stupid or inadequate, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, pushed me when I felt like giving up, was honest with me when I couldn’t see things clearly, helped me make the transition from ultra-lean competitor to a real-life, maintainable condition, supported me through three pregnancies, births and postpartum weight loss and taught me to love myself and appreciate my body no matter what my fitness level. 

There are days when I text Rachel feeling discouraged about my weight or upset about something I ate.  She says things like, “You look great!” or “Just get your workout in – you know it will make you feel better.” or even, “Ok, you ate the Heath Bar.  You can’t change it now, but let’s skip that treat tomorrow!”  All of these things are a testament to the kind of professional she is, but also the true friend she is.  I encourage anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness to work with Rachel.  She will not steer you wrong.  She’s an exceptional coach with over 20 years’ experience!  Beyond training she is a GOOD, HIGH QUALITY woman who you will be blessed and thankful to know.  

James Gomez, Winfield, IL

Rachel’s greatest asset is her unique ability to find that perfect balance of being both tough and compassionate.  She is serious about helping people achieve their goals without being a drill sergeant.  Under her direction I learned to think of fitness as exciting and rewarding vs. being a struggle and a chore.  Mentoring me in my 20’s, with weight lifting and nutrition, she helped me achieve a dramatic body transformation!  Years later she played a key role in supporting me through my journey to successfully complete a full distance IRONMAN triathlon.  Whatever your fitness aspirations, Rachel has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to help you achieve them! 



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