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More About Rachel

My love affair with fitness began in 1988 at just 11 years old when I received my first gym membership.  Around this same time my identity as athlete began to emerge. The membership was with a small local gym that I attended with my dad when fitness was far from the mainstream force it is today.  I was taught foundational exercises, which still form the base of many successful strength programs today, in an intensely encouraging environment.   I have spent years building my personal philosophy around these same core values, teaching the fundamentals, building community, and encouraging others to reach their highest potential.


I believed “strong is beautiful” long before strong was considered beautiful by our culture. I used weight training to define my shape and become the best athlete I could. As an elite, three-sport high school athlete, I was offered an NCAA Division I volleyball scholarship from Morehead State University.  During my college experience my passion for strength, performance, and motivating others intensified.  I learned everything I could about mechanics, conditioning, sport- specific training, cross training and preventing and overcoming injuries. Here my study of quality nutrition also began. Growing up during both the rise of junk food and of fad diets, I had to re-teach myself how to eat for peak conditioning, performance, but most importantly, overall health.


I continued to study after college and in 2000 launched my first successful fitness coaching business.  After competing in my first National Physique Committee (NPC) figure competition in 2001, and as the internet went mainstream, I expanded my business from in-person clients to online consulting as well.  Two years later I was recruited to join the team of premiere supplement company, Beverly International (BI), where I was blessed to work with and learn from many of the best minds in the industry. I left BI after almost ten years to be a “stay at home” mom.  I wanted to really experience the role of motherhood and to nurture both my first son, Kessler and my second son, Baron, born two and half years later.  I remain a dedicated BI supporter and supplement user.  I left figure competitions behind years ago and now find new challenges competing in triathlons, obstacle course races, trail runs and other events. I live in Northern Kentucky with my husband and fellow health and fitness authority, Steven and our two boys.


Throughout my years of coaching I have educated and encouraged thousands, from beginners to professional athletes and coaches.  It is my personal mission to inspire as many as possible to make permanent, sustainable lifestyle changes, and achieve their own ideal personal fitness results. Focused Fitness programs are designed for every day, real life. We help you fit health and fitness into a balanced life, not a perfect life. Focused Fitness training programs are personalized to your goals and your preferred environment, home, outdoor, or gym.  You will become your own personal fitness expert and enjoy continuous accountability within an amazing community of like-minded peers.

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